Steps To Obtain Company Registration, Incorporation, Transfer Of Shares And Name Of Company

foreign company registration india is a hot issue these days. There are many reasons behind the same. The first and the most important reason for such a registration are that foreign companies can invest in Indian markets without worrying about their capital. India has become the preferred destination for the multinationals, the MNCs, investors, etc.

Second reason for the increasing popularity of foreign company registration in India is that this market is full of opportunities. This country has become home to some of the world’s biggest and most profitable companies. There are numerous foreign companies registered in India as their profit margin is enormous and their turnover is high. Many foreign companies have got successful in their business by establishing a base in India. It is not possible for any company to run a business without any sort of registration.
With the rapid growth of the Indian economy, the government is also keen on encouraging the growth of the corporate sector. It offers various incentives and governmental schemes to help businesses flourish. To attract global investments, the government has also taken certain vital steps like encouraging foreign direct investment (DFTI) in various sectors of the economy. These measures have helped many foreign companies to establish their presence in India. However, Indian registration process is quite slow; therefore, it is advised to seek assistance from an agency that offers registration services.
Foreign companies may also require Indian registration to do business in India. Such registration is also required by offshore companies who want to do business in India or by those who want to open a branch in India. Obtaining registration from the concerned authority is also necessary for all overseas entrepreneurs. In order to complete the formalities involved in registration, it is advised to consult a registration agent who would help you to complete the procedure in a hassle free manner.
Obtaining registration from the Indian government takes three to four months and this is normally done through their respective ministries. The registration process however is much faster in foreign countries where legal documentation is required to be processed immediately. In order to start the registration process, you need to provide the registration agency with the following documents: Company seals, Memorandum of Association, Corporate seal, Address of company, Name of authorized officer, Majority of directors, Professionals, Share holder profile, Articles of Association, Certificate of Incorporation, and Operating agreement. If you wish to conduct your business in India, you can easily obtain approval for registration from the Ministry of Economic Development of India. This is because most of the processing of paperwork happens here.
While applying for Indian registration, you can also make use of the Indian Online Direct Registration System (IDSRS). This system is especially meant for foreign companies that are doing business in India. A skilled team from the India office of FDI Commission will handle all the administrative details of the registration process. You also have the option of getting help from consultants who can guide you through the whole registration process. There is a registration fee of about ten percent of the value of the shares that you are purchasing. This registration fee is a one-time payment and is applied on an annual basis.

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